Apartament Canidelo

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Apartament Canidelo

It all starts with your idea. We just make your dream come true.

The client wanted a decoration with simple lines to divide environments and create privacy. We started this project with the entrance hall, where we included a seating area with storage and a mirror, as requested by the client. Also in this area, we created a bookcase to divide environments, in which we used Sucupira wood that joined with the floor and white lacquer.In the TV area, we gave some personality to the space by mixing materials such as lacquer and straw. 


A mix of the finest materials is able to push the boundaries of luxury joinery projects.

In the baby’s room, the requirement was to create an environment that would be transversal to the different generations with neutral and minimalist tones. In the suite, the desire was for an environment marked by simplicity and amplitude, in which we inserted a dressing table with a mirror. Finally, in the home office, one of the requirements was the possibility for the client to work standing up. Here we created a simple environment with lacquered natural materials and lacquered iron accents.